Where to begin in the Planning Process

You just got engaged...CONGRATS! You and your fiancé are so excited. Just a week after the question is popped your start fielding questions from parents, friends, and coworkers asking what you are going to do for your wedding. :') You begin to panic...your wedding is something you have thought a lot about, but where to begin? I'm here to tell you the 3 things you want to start with in the wedding planning process. 

your budget

Ah yes, the fun part. How much can you and your fiancé REALISTICALLY spend on your big day? Determine if you will receive any financial assistance from family. It is important that you set limits going into this process. I often suggest clients set an ideal budget, as well as a maximum budget so that you and your planner have an idea of the most you are able to spend. 


your vision

How do you envision your wedding? Is it an upscale affair, a lively party, or an intimate gathering? Weddings can look however you want, and it is important that you and your fiancé are in agreement on the end goal. Determine your preference on formality, location, and time of year.


your guest list

Here's the time to begin an Excel spreadsheet so that you can draft wave 1 of your guest list. This is all the people that you would be interested in inviting - if you had no limits on space or budget. Don't panic if your number starts out high...you will revise this list multiple times! Oh, and make sure to include plus ones when applicable. This will be a good indicator of how large of a space you will need for your wedding! 


These 3 steps will ultimately help you with your first major decision - your WEDDING VENUE.