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Choosing the Right Photographer for your Wedding

The photographer is an incredibly important part of every wedding...after all, they are in charge of capturing your memories! Most often they are booked very early in the planning process, right after the venue. In many markets, there are a LOT of options, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the best fit. I'm here to give you some tips on how to choose the right photographer for your wedding, and share about the vendor we chose for our big day! 

Off the bat, one of the most noticeable differences in photographers is their editing style. Comparing their end product is an easy way to narrow down your options! I recommend visiting the Instagram page of your venue, or one that has a similar aesthetic of a venue you would like to book, to see how it has been photographed (don't forget to peep the tagged photos!). Do you prefer when they brighten up the space? Is there a warm or cool edit? How do skin tones appear? For me, I spend a lot of time looking at wedding photos, and have developed sense of what I like and what I do not like. I am most drawn to a bright and airy edit that captures colors authentically. I picture our wedding photos hung up in our future home, and want them to be timeless!

Now one of our venue's requirements was that all of our day of vendors be local, based in Greece. Because of this, flying out one of my favorite, Minnesota vendors was not even an option. Looking back, I am actually very happy this was the case, as it eliminated so many potential options from the US and other countries in Europe. I could have spent MONTHS gathering quotes for photographers! From some research, I learned that Athens had a very well developed wedding network with plenty of excellent photographers. I pinpointed a few that aesthetically fit the look I was going for, and reached out to gather quotes.

With any wedding vendor, good communication is very important. As a planner, I place a great importance upon opening and maintaining a strong line of communication with current and prospective clients. As a client, you want to feel confident that your vendors are as excited to work with you, as you are with them! Shortly after inquiring, Two Clicks Photography emailed me back with the following key information:

  1. Confirmation of their availability

  2. Details on their different packages with pricing

  3. Links to their recent work

Wedding photography packages typically vary by the number of hours spent shooting at your wedding - which directly impacts the amount of edited photos delivered. Usually photographers offer packages covering 6, 8, or 10 hours. In order to get a full day's coverage, I typically recommend 10 hours to my clients, starting with getting ready photos, and ending at the dance part of the reception or golden hour - depending on the time of year. We knew right away that 10 hours was the best option for us as we valued the getting ready portion, evening views, and everything in between! That package included a 2nd shooter, which was very important to me. Having a second shooter allows the duo to divide and conquer during the day. It also allows them to capture different perspectives of the same moments, such as the ceremony or speeches. 

Most photographers also offer "add ons" for things such as rehearsal dinner coverage, the addition of a 2nd shooter (if not already included), and more hours of wedding day coverage. Since we planned to host an excursion with our group the day before our wedding, we wanted to add on photography coverage to capture those fun moments.

After confirming that the total cost was within our budget, I then looked more into their previous work. Some photographers will send entire gallery links to those who inquire so they can see what a full album is like! I think this is super helpful, and shows that they are confident in their work, and aren't afraid to show you more than than just the highlights posted to their Instagram or website. After reviewing Two Clicks' previous work, I was impressed by the moments they were able to capture at others' weddings.


Sooo, the onto the next step - meeting to determine if they were a good fit for us! It is so important to make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer. I always recommend meeting in person or over zoom to talk about their approach, what is important to you on your wedding day, and get to know each other in general. After all, you're never going to let go in front of a stranger! We hopped on a zoom call, where we learned about what our wedding day with Two Click's would look like. I am all about building out timelines to make sure each important moment and grouping is captured, and so it was fabulous to hear that they are as detail oriented as me. 

One of the main things we wanted to convey to our photographer during our call was - while this is our wedding, we don't want it to be all about us, and we want to capture moments of every single person who makes the trip to Greece. They agreed and I felt like they understood this importance and our other priorities and goals with our wedding photography. Overall, from our conversation I felt confident that Two Clicks would be great to work with and capture the wedding photos of our dreams! We asked chatting about next steps to book, and also asked if he had any personal recommendations for wedding videographers. He confidently referred my to Aggelos Lagos, a friend who he had worked with numerous times. As a wedding planner, I understand how important it is that these two vendors mesh well together! After all, they are working at the same time to capture the same thing, and so it is important to ensure they are not stepping on each others' toes. We contacted 

Since we knew we were not going to make it to Greece beofre the