Choosing the Right Photographer for your Wedding

Most often, the photographer is the 2nd vendor booked for a wedding - just after the venue. It is considered by many to be one of the most important aspects of their wedding...after all, those are your memories! In many markets, there are a LOT of options, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the best fit. I'm here to share some tips on how to choose the right photographer for your wedding, and share about the vendor we chose for our upcoming wedding! 

the style

A photographer's style is compromised of various different elements, such as their approach towards capturing photos, and their editing style. In wedding photography, you will notice a few different approaches:

1. Traditional: Elegant, Clean-cut, Posed

2. Editorial: Creative, Detailed, Out-of-the-box

3. Emotion-Driven: Intimate, Expressive, Passionate

4. Photojournalistic: Candid, Movement, Natural

I believe most photographers are a combination of two. Chat with your partner on what style you are most drawn to! Below are examples of each:

Next, what most clients notice right away, and often make their decision off of, is their editing style. Some questions to ask yourself are:

- Are you drawn to darker, moodier photos? Do those photos have more warm or cool tones?

Are you drawn to light and airy photos? Would you like your venue to appear brighter?

- Do you prefer natural photography, to capture the day authentically? Do you prefer photos with little edits to color and contrast? 


# of Hours


 I recommend booking for your wedding. Photos are often the top, if not the #1 thing my clients  

For experienced vendors that are in high demand, they often book out 1.5-2 y

Shortly after getting engaged, Danny and I both acquired a Marriott Bonvoy Visa credit cards. Many cards like this have introductory offers that gift you reward points or other benefits if you spend a certain amount of money within the first few months. Knowing that we would be making deposit payments on our venue, photographer, videographer, and florist in the near future, we had confidence we could each hit this goal fairly easily...and that we did! This meant that Danny and I earned two free room nights at Marriott hotels (valued up to 50,000 points each) + 250,000 points between the two of us. The free room nights are valid for 1 year, and so we wanted to find at least one Marriott property to utilize that credit.

Marriott has various hotel brands, ranging from low end (like Courtyard) to high end (like Ritz-Carlton). They each have a different vibe and expectation of amenities, and those are pretty consistent across all hotels within the same brand, regardless of the country you are in. Recently, I visited the JW Marriott hotel in Cabo with my mom, and LOVED it. I would describe it as modern, simple, and luxurious - but not over the top. Searching by this line, we found the JW Marriott in Venice, Italy, and that quickly jumped to the top of our list for a few reasons: 1) It is very close to the VCE International airport and the areas we would want to explore, 2) It has a good selection of onsite activities and dining, and 3) It is located on it's own mini island.. how cool! Throughout all my research, Venice was Danny's top choice, and we decided this would be the 3rd leg of our trip after the wedding, spending 3 nights at this location. We used our 2 free night credits + points for our entire stay, and felt really good about that after understanding the value we were getting. I recommend reading The Points Guy's favorite European point hotels for some other options with great points value! Danny and I are most looking forward to wine tasting, gondola rides, and maybe a cooking class in Venice!

To summarize, our complete travel itinerary is:

Destination 1: Positano 

Flight Plan: MSP - CDG - NAP

Arrive: October 8th, Depart: October 12th

Destination 2: Santorini

Flight Plan: NAP - JTR

Arrive: October 12th, Depart: October 17th

Destination 3: Venice

Flight Plan: JTR - ATH - VCE

Arrive: October 17th, Depart: October 20th

And just like that, this whole wedding trip became so much more real! If you are ever in a rut or feeling unmotivated with your wedding plans, I highly recommend pivoting to the honeymoon, and the excitement will all come back. Danny and I feel so fortunate that we are able to travel to to three awesome destinations, and are counting down the days until we leave! If you have any must do or see recommendations at any of these locations, I'd love to hear! I have yet to plan any excursions, but I will do a full overview of our experience after it all!