Planning a Bridgerton-themed Bridal Shower

Alas, the social season is upon us!

The Bridgerton series struck a cord with me from the very beginning. I'm all about whimsical, lavish parties - and of course a good love story! When the time came to plan a bridal shower, I knew I wanted to pick a fun theme. I'm at the age where it seems like everyone I know is getting married, thus I attend a lot of showers and weddings. One question that is constantly in the back of my mind is - how can I make this occasion unique and memorable? I personally believe that themed events have a special way of getting people excited. It promotes interaction in ways that other events don't, and can produce an extraordinary experience overall. 


 Bridgerton was one of a few themes that I considered, but from the beginning it was most certainly the front runner. The story line is so easy to pull wedding references from, and so it felt like an obvious choice! I'm here to share all about my experience planning the shower, highlight the local vendors we used, and share other details!

setting the tone with invitations

My mom and I began brainstorming ways to incorporate the Bridgerton theme, and invitations were the first thing that came to mind. The whole plot of Bridgerton surrounds Lady Whistledown's society papers, which essentially serves as a gossip column for the latest happenings. In the series, Lady Whistledown reveals her pick of the Diamond of the Season in the weekly papers, stating who is the most eligible bachelorette to be married this social season. Obviously a lot of direct parallels here! ;)

We found that Etsy had a selection of a few (there's even more now) Lady Whistledown themed bridal shower invitations. We wanted one that looked similar to the actual papers in the series, and found this option! The text was already crafted in the tone of Lady W, we just needed to change names, dates, and other relevant details. Once we filled in our verbiage, we downloaded the file and took it to a office max for printing. Easy! 


I don't have photos, but my mom addressed each invitation (she has really cool handwriting) with a lilac calligraphy pen. We tied the invitation with a ribbon and made DIY wax seals with a floral stamp to pull everything together!  

The full text of the invitation reads:

"Dearest Reader, The social season is upon us. Is there anything more exhilarating than the promise of a bridal shower among the ton? This author finds herself compelled to share the most sensational of news.


I am delighted to announce that the Diamond of the Season, the exceptional Lady Samantha of Houses Connolly and Nutting is engaged.


It has come to the attention of this author that this will be the bridal shower of the season. Guests shall gather for lunch and lavender libations to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. The afternoon events will surely give the lady's guests, as well as this author, something to buzz about for the days to come."


(On the back were details on the address and time of the event, including the below text):

"Festive dress in the Bridgerton style of the day is wonderfully encouraged for this seasonal soiree. This would include pastel colors and floral patterns, designs from Madam Delacroix most admired"

Yours Truly, Lady Whistledown"

pulling off a vintage tea party

Tapping into the British roots of Bridgerton, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to execute a tea party! Now I wouldn't say I love tea, but mini sandwiches and bite-sized desserts? Those are things we can all get behind!

Three-tiered platters are a tea party staple that are both functional and ornate. In my search for these, I came across a local vendor, Vintage Soirees, who has a vast rental selection of not only these platters, but also dinnerware, vases, candle holders, and various other vintage pieces! I was so impressed by their inventory, and felt these were the perfect statement pieces to bring out the theme. I worked with the owner, Tess, to pull together a selection that fit our color palette, and could not be happier with the outcome. To this setup, I added in my gold and white flatware and blue goblets to create the most dreamy tea party setup! 


To take this tea party setup up another notch, I worked with The Seatery, a local company that rents tables, chairs, linens, lounge sets, and other table top decor. Their harvest tables and white cross back chairs made the backyard gathering feel so much more elevated! Each chair was tied with a personalized "Spill the Tea" towel made by Danny's mom. This seating card substitute doubled as a take-home favor, and was one of my favorite details of the day!  

One major perk of planning one shower with all families and friends is that we had a lot of people interested in helping! We had aunts, friends, and neighbors pitch in to assist with various different things, such as the food. Our menu for the tea party included a spinach salad, 4 types of tea sandwiches, as well as mini tarts, scones, lemon bars, and custom tea pot shaped cookies. Everything was serve yourself and my guests loved trying a little bit of everything! Another area we received a lot of help with was floral. Roses, baby's breath, peonies, and other floral elements were scattered across the tables in bud vases and pulled the theme together very nicely!

spicing it up with floral and rentals

To taking this tea party setup up one more notch, I worked with The Seatery, a local rental company to rent harvest tables and cross back chairs. These elevated our setup

Bridgerton is known for their floral-filled


Danny's mom offered her house to host the shower, which was the perfect setting for a backyard garden-style party. 

Next up, was planning out the guest experience! Bridal showers typically include some form of a meal or appetizers, some form of a game, and gift opening. All of these are great and should definitely be included, but we wanted to spice it up a bit! We decided that the primary elements we wanted to include were:

Cocktail Station for drinks upon arrival

Croquet for a fun game to get people active and participating in the theme

Photo backdrop

Lounge set

Tea Party dining setup